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  1. Jamie Edwards

    Kayako Download: Continued support

    Posted by Jamie Edwards • 4 months ago

  2. James Doman-Pipe

    An easier way to start conversations

    Posted by James Doman-Pipe • 3 weeks ago

  3. James Doman-Pipe

    Introducing Journeys and Conversations

    Posted by James Doman-Pipe • 3 weeks ago

Kayako Classic customer? If you signed up before July 2016, you're probably using Kayako Classic. Visit the Kayako Classic Help Center for support.
  • Getting started

    If you're new to Kayako, this is the place to be. Let's get you up and running!

  • Conversations

    Get help replying to, updating, viewing, and all-around improving your customer conversations.

  • Channels

    Communicate with customers via email, chat, and social media – all without ever leaving Kayako.

  • People

    Make sure your users – whether customers or staff – are getting the most out of their Kayako accounts.

  • Automation

    Take work off your team's plate by mastering Kayako's powerful, versatile automation tools.

  • Help Center

    Dial in your Help Center content and appearance, so you can provide the best self-service around.

  • Integrations

    No Kayako is an island. Integrate with all your (other) favorite tools to power up your support.

  • Release Notes

    Bi-weekly summaries of improvements, new features and fixes in each release.

  • Upgrading from Kayako Classic

    Ready to upgrade from Kayako Classic? Learn all about the process here.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Straightforward answers to common questions about features, errors, accounts, you name it.