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How to delete a conversation note?

There are times when you need to delete a note on a conversation added mistakenly or if it is no longer relevant. As of now, we do not have a UI option to delete a conversation notes, it will be available in one of the nearest releases. However, you can delete the conversation notes using the API’s.

In the example below, we are going to use the Postman API client to delete the notes. 

  1. Get the ID of the note you are going to delete. You can fetch all the notes on a conversation, by using the API endpoint: /api/v1/cases/:id/notes.json

The GET request will look like:

Replace the domain in the above URL with your Kayako domain and replace the case_id with the conversation ID. You will get the list of notes on the conversation referenced by ID case_id.

The output will look like: 

In the above screenshot the id node give us the ID of the conversation note we are going to delete. 

  1. The next step is to configure the Postman API client with the HTTP method required to delete the note, API endpoint and the authentication details. 

As seen in the screenshot above, we have set the API HTTP Method to DELETE and we are using the API endpoint /api/v1/cases/:id/notes/:id.json to delete the note. 

The complete API URL will be for example:

In the above URL, you need to replace the domain with your Kayako domain, case_id with the conversation ID from where you are looking to remove the case note and note_id is the ID of the note we got in Step 1. 

Under the Authentication tab of the Postman API client, select the Type as Basic Auth. Specify your Kayako email address and Password in the username and Password text fields as visible in the screenshot above. 

  1. To execute the API call, click on the Send button and if you get the Status 200 response code, this means the note has removed successfully. 
  2. You can now check the conversation and the note will no longer appear on the conversation. 
  3. That is all. 
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