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How do I remove the Kayako footer message from my emails?

By default, any email that Kayako sends has a branded footer at the bottom.

This footer appears by default on conversation replies, notifications sent by triggers or monitors, as well as the forgot password and satisfaction survey emails. 

You can remove this from the admin area, by clicking Email Templates on the left sidebar. 

To remove the footers from the an email template altogether, take out either the {{ footer }} or the  <tfoot>{{ footer|raw }}</tfoot> section and save.

Alternatively, you can add your own custom footer:

  • For the 'Reply' or 'Satisfaction survey' template – remove the {{ footer|raw }} tag and replace it with your own footer message in HTML between the <tfoot> and </tfoot> tags.
  • For the 'Notification' template – remove the {{ footer }} tag, drop down below the {% endautoescape %} tag, and add a <tfoot> and </tfoot> tag, and create your own footer message in HTML between them.
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