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How can I forward a conversation to a third person?

To forward a conversation to a third person (other than the original requester and the support agent), you can use any of the following solutions:

1. Use the Email Endpoint and Triggers combination. 

Phase 1 - Create an Endpoint:

a) Sign into Kayako and go to the admin area.

b) Select Endpoints link on the sidebar menu and click the New endpoint button. 

  • Here, select the Email option
  • In the title field, add a descriptive title for your endpoint
  • In the destination email address, add recipient's email address to whom you intend to forward the email. For this example, let's take it as
  • In the email subject field, add a subject for the emails you'll be sending to this address
  • When you've filled in all the details for your endpoint, click the Save button to create it.

Phase 2 - Create a Trigger:

a) Sign into your Kayako and go to the admin area.

b) In the sidebar, click on Triggers and click the button.

c) In the Rule Title field, add a descriptive title. In this case let's say 'Forward email to acme'. 

  • In the conditions section, use these criteria -  
  • In the actions, select the Endpoint created in phase I and in the message to send, add the contents shared here -  
  • Click the Save button to create your new trigger.

We've also included the sample placeholders in the text file attached to this article. After this, if you have any case you wish to forward, add the tag mentioned in the criteria and then update properties, the email will be sent to the endpoint.

2.  Change the requester

a) In a conversation, next to the trash icon, click on the drop down arrow and select the Change Requester

b) Input the email address of the third person  you want to share the conversation with.

c) Add a public reply and click on the Send button. 

3.  CC the individual

a) In a conversation, add the non-Support user's email address to the CC field

b) Reply to the requester as normal.

c) The CCed individual will receive updates via email.


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