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How to prevent Russian spam coming into Kayako

At Kayako, we are always working to head off Spam attacks, but the spammers sometimes get through. Here’s an easy way to remove Cyrillic-based spam as it enters your system by deploying a trigger that looks for unique Cyrillic characters.

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Navigate to your admin interface and select the Triggers item from the Automation menu, and then click the New Trigger button at the top right of the page. Kayako displays the New Trigger page as you can see in the picture below:

In the Rule details section enter a title in the Rule title field. In the Rule settings section choose Any in the drop-down selector for Trigger this rule for conversations updates made via field. 

Next enter conditions for Conversations: Subject, select contains and add the nine unique Cyrillic characters as shown in the above picture, as nine unique or conditions. You can harvest these characters from Google or any spam samples you might have. Be careful not to use characters common with other languages.

Next, add an AND condition Conversations: Update Type select equals and then New Conversation Created. 

Finally, in the Perform the following actions section, select Flow control: Trash a conversation and then save your changes.

Every time a new conversation is created using any of these characters in the subject line, the system will automatically move these to the trash. 

NOTE: In the event that you have hundreds of these invasive conversations to remove, you can create a Monitor using a similar detection scheme using the time-based criteria Time since last update is greater than one hour. You can disable the monitor after your system is clear.

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