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22 Dec 2018 -The New Kayako Release

We’re excited to announce that the development of TNK is on full pace, where we are planning to push updates bi-weekly. We are currently focused on defect fixes and minor enhancements:  

Defects [Fixed]

[KAYAKO-5643]: Compatibility issue with Internet Explorer 11.  
[KAYAKO-8838]: The Twitter app is throwing an error while using the direct option at Agent’s Dashboard
[KAYAKO-9822]: Custom Reports: Calendar selector is offset by a day
[KAYAKO-11064]: Customers are unable to see non-editable custom fields at Help Center. It should be visible with the defined values within conversations.  
[KAYAKO-10398]: Kayako APIs (/api/v1/sections.json) does not recognize the legacy_id parameter
[KAYAKO-9843]: Random conversations keep reopening. The system shouldn't reopen the completed conversation unless a trigger /monitor /manual action isn't applied.
[KAYAKO-11882]: Better handling of .msg files
[KAYAKO-12399]: Kayako is not showing SLA insights for Kayako Messenger conversations
[KAYAKO-12486]: Collaborators are unable to see Knowledgebase articles even if they are in the published status
[KAYAKO-12158]: The value of 'Cascading select' custom field gets truncated while the viewing conversations
[KAYAKO-12158]: Error for missing Language translation

You can reach us at for further queries. Find out more about The New Kayako: 

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