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13 May 2019 - The New Kayako Release

We’re excited to announce a new Kayako release which focuses on the product stabilization. Below are the highlights.  

Defects [Fixed]

[KAYAKO-14322]: System fields are removed from the forms. A fix is deployed to persist submitted value in a form that was previously discarded.

[KAYAKO-14491]: The 'Plan' page is blank for selective legacy customers who migrated to the new Kayako.

[KAYAKO-13111]: Unable to select the next and previous day in the calendar pop-up of date type custom field.

[KAYAKO-14192]: Update description for 'Priorities' section

[KAYAKO-14648]: Fix tooltip text overlapping.

[KAYAKO-13903]: XSS vulnerability fix in HelpCenter.

You can reach us at for further queries. Find out more about The New Kayako:

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