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Why isn't my conversation getting set to 'Open' when the customer replies?

When a customer replies to a conversation, Kayako's default behavior is to set the conversation status to 'Open'. But there is an exception to this rule. If your team uses custom statuses, Kayako won't reopen those conversations automatically. 

If you want Kayako to set conversations with your customer status back to 'Open' when a customer replies, you'll need to build an automation to handle the job.

To do that, follow the instructions for creating a new trigger and set the conditions to tell Kayako to look for conversations with your custom status – we've used 'On Hold' as an example – and update the status to 'Open' whenever a customer replies: 

Then select the following action to set the conversation back to open:

You'll need to build a trigger like this for any custom statuses you've created. 

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