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Creating additional brands

If you're on the Growth, Scale or Enterprise plan, you can set your Kayako up to support multiple brands from a single agent area. If you're unfamiliar with how brands work in Kayako, have a look at our introduction to brands article for details on what they consist of and how to get started customizing them. 

In this article, we'll quickly walk you through the process of creating a new brand.  

Adding a new brand

The process of creating a new brand is very quick. Once the new brand is added, you can start fleshing out all of its different elements so you can start supporting customers with it.

NOTE: To create a new brand in Kayako, you will need an administrator account with the 'Manage brands' permission.

To add a new brand:

  1. Sign in to the admin area.
  2. Click on Brands in the sidebar. 
  3. Click the Create a new Brand button in the upper-right. 
  4. Enter the name for your new brand.
  5. Select a default language.
  6. In the Domain field, type the subdomain you'd like to use for the brand's Help Center.
    NOTE: Kayako will automatically check and tell you if the subdomain you want is available. 
  7. If your domain is available, click the Save button to create your new brand. 

That's it! Now you can begin customizing the brand's Help Center, populating it with self-service content, adding a custom domain, adding new brand-specific support channels, etc.

One email address for multiple brands 

You will notice it's not possible to use the same email address on multiple brands. In such scenario, you can create an alias for your support account in Office365

So you may have one brand using and another using (which is just an alias for support)

Using the alias for email channels shouldn't cause any problem like double tickets when parsing incoming emails.

Verify by sending some tests emails to both addresses.

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