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Starting out with Kayako

NOTE: If you're not sure what plan you're on, sign into the admin area and check the 'Plan' page.

Welcome to Kayako! We're so happy to have you here! To help you start serving your customers using Kayako, we've put together this guide to walk you through the basics of getting up and running. Each step below will walk you through the basics, and then link off to an article with detailed explanations and instructions for that particular task.

We've charted the following course to help you get started helping your customers as quickly and smoothly as possible:

Step 1: Take a tour of the Kayako interface

To get oriented in Kayako, we recommend starting out with this video tour. We'll take you quickly through each area of the interface and introduce some key features.

You can find more detail on each area of Kayako in our  overview articles about the agent area, the admin area, and the Help Center.

Step 2: Add user accounts for your staff

After you've taken a look around, it's a good idea to start  adding user accounts for your agents. Each agent will need their  own user account, which will let them log in to the agent area  and start viewing and responding to conversations. You can  quickly add staff users from the admin area, by clicking Team Directoryon the sidebar.

NOTE: The number of agent accounts you'll be able to add  depends on how many seats your subscription includes.

Learn more in our article about creating user accounts.

Step 3: Set up your email, real-time, and  social support channels

Next step is to get Kayako ready to take questions from your  customers—no matter what their preferred method of communication.  By default, your customers can start up a new conversation from  your Help Center, but you'll likely also want to:

Step 4: Get your team ready to  start handling conversations

Once you have a support channel or two set up, it's time to  get your team started with actually replying to and updating  conversations. Each conversation combines a unified timeline of  your interactions with the customer, on any channel, with a  powerful toolbar that lets you reply to, assign, categorize, and  otherwise move the conversation along.

Help your team get started with our article about responding to support  conversations.

Step 5: Fine tune your views

As your queue starts to get busier, it's useful to give your  support team lots of ways to slice and dice their workload. Maybe  they need to see only the conversations assigned to their team,  only the conversations from a particular organization, or only  the conversations set to a particular priority level. Customizing  views lets you filter conversations however you want.

Learn more in our article about customizing views.

Step 6: Add content to your Help Center

Since self-service is a valuable resource for your support  team, now is a good time to get some content up onto your Help  Center. Kayako includes a set of frictionless content management  tools, allowing you to add, edit, and organize your self-service  content right from the Help Center.

Learn more in our article about managing Help Center  content.

Step 7:  Explore your next steps

Now that you've got the basics down, why not dive a little  deeper and explore some of Kayako's more powerful features? Here  are a few things you might try out next :

Of course, if at any point you run into a question, we'd love  to hear from you! Hit us up from the Messenger pop-up below, the  Help Center search above, or the Start a  conversation link up top.

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