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Self-service metrics for your Help Center

Understanding what your customers are looking for on your Help Center is the first step to improving your self-service. For a quick glance at what customers are searching for and reading, you can consult Kayako's built-in Help Center analytics. 

In this article, we'll go over the data included in the 'Help Center' section of Kayako's Insights pages. Below, we'll explain what you're looking at in each table on the Help Center pages – as well as giving you some ideas for how to put this information to use. 

NOTE: For more help with Insights or reporting, have a look at our intro article, or our articles on performance metrics, SLA metrics, or building custom reports.

Help Center search and article analytics

On the 'Searches' and 'Articles' pages, you'll find a handful of simple reports on your customer's common searches, failed searches, and most visited articles over a period of time. These reports can help you understand which topics you might need to address with new content, as well as which Help Center articles need improvement.

In the table below, you'll find an explanation of the data in each table, as well as some suggestions for how to act upon that data.

Popular searches
Commonly used search terms on your Help Center. These tell you what sorts of things your customers are looking for most often.
Make sure the Help Center articles that come up when you use these terms are well-written and thorough. Consider adding multimedia content to make sure you're delivering a good self-service experience.
Failed searches
Search terms that returned no matching results on your Help Center. These tell you where the holes are in your docs.
If you have articles relevant to these search terms already, add your customers' terminology to the 'Search keywords' list. If you don't, create new articles and make sure they comes up for these terms.
Most popular articles
Your top 15-20 most popular Help Center articles. An article's popularity is calculated by the number of upvotes (70%), number of comments (25%), and number of views (5%) it receives.  This table is a good place to go to understand what topics your customers are regularly struggling with. Consider targeting these areas of your product or service to make them easier-to-use

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