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How do I submit a feature request?

You only need to submit a separate request here.

What happens after?

As soon as your feedback reaches us, we will let you know if we pass it to product team or if there is a solution that can be a fine workaround in the meantime. 

Upon the feature request we capture your email and conversation ID, as soon as the feature is added, we will let you know via email. Because of this, your conversation will be completed upon processing of the feature request itself and will not stay open till the enhancement is implemented. 

How do we prioritise the features?

Kayako is a customer-driven software. The more customers request similar functionality, the faster it will be added. We want to make Kayako better for every customer, therefore the higher the demand for the feature, the more votes we get for it and the faster it will be added to the roadmap. 

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