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Kayako Download: Continued support

This article applies to Kayako Classic customers (Fusion, Case, or Engage) who signed up before July 2016.

When we launched the new, cloud-only Kayako in July 2016, we also announced an end-of-life (EOL) for Kayako Download  (July 2017, with 6 months of security updates).

We are cancelling the EOL for Kayako Download, and we will continue  support Kayako Download alongside the new Kayako. However we will not be doing any future product development or adding new features.  

If you would like to take advantage of Kayako's newest features, please contact your Account Manager.

We took this decision after listening to your feedback:

  • Kayako Download customers who we could not migrate fast enough
    We’ve had more people sign up to move to the new Kayako than we ever imagined, and we’re running a backlog, and some of you want to take more time to migrate. We’ve taken a pause while we simplify the upgrade process and speed it up. In the meantime, you can be assured we’ll continue to support and develop Kayako Download.

  • The time-based discounts to move to the new Kayako didn’t go down very well
    Our intention was to offer discounts that rewarded our early adopters, and of course we wanted to encourage everyone onto the new platform as soon as possible. However, many were not ready to move so soon, and felt it was unfair that they’d miss out on the discounts. We agree, and we’re simplifying this offer.

  • Kayako Download customers who can’t move to the cloud
    We’ve been overwhelmed by the love from customers who need to keep using Kayako Download behind-the-firewall, and have asked us to continue developing and supporting them on it. 

Explaining the reversal of the decision

Why we announced an EOL for Kayako Download

Even as the Kayako Download platform expanded in capabilities, breadth and depth, we have always grandfathered the prices our customers on legacy renewal pricing plans.

Lately, with so many of our customers opting for the cloud instead of on-premise, we could no longer afford to develop and maintain the Kayako Download platform for a shrinking number of customers on legacy pricing plans.

What changed

When we announced the EOL, a large number of Kayako Download customers contacted us requesting tailored, extended support contracts. This spurred an idea: how many other customers would be willing to pay more in exchange for a commitment from us to continue developing and supporting Kayako Download?

Hundreds of customers took us up on a proposal for them to move to a simple, low price subscription to secure ongoing support for Kayako Download. 

We have created a new business model around Kayako Download, which secures the future of Kayako Download, new updates and support, and also simplifies the pathway to the new Kayako in the cloud.

Upgrading to the new Kayako

You can still upgrade to the new Kayako, at a time that suits you. Find out more here.

A thank you

Thank you for your continued support. The amount of support we saw from existing customers was overwhelming. We would much rather not discontinue one of our products, and it is amazing to see so many customers readily sign up to keep Kayako Download going.

We’re pleased to have come up with a way that ensures we have sufficient commitments to keep Kayako Download going as a sustainable business for the long term, and to still be able to reward our existing customers for their loyalty, and we are sorry if the original decision caused any stress. We look forward to making it up to you.


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