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Is the new Kayako available as an on-premise solution?

The new Kayako is cloud-only. 

When designing the new platform, this was one of the heaviest decisions we faced. What it came down to, in the end, were a handful of significant advantages to the cloud that on-premise couldn't offer:

  • We can deliver exciting updates and features as soon as they’re available.
  • We can deploy bug fixes instantly, instead of in big, quarterly packaged releases.
  • We can leverage new, modern web technologies to provide smoother user experiences and advanced features (such as advanced reporting, big data infrastructure, and real-time interfaces).
  • Our customers don't have to handle upgrades and server maintenance, or worry about about scalability and performance challenges as their businesses grow.

All that said, if an on-premise solution is a requirement, we've extended support for Kayako Classic indefinitely.

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