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New Kayako plan changes starting June 2017

On June 8, 2017, we made some changes to improve the way we offer Kayako. 

As many of you know firsthand, we hold weekly interviews (which you can sign up for here) with Kayako prospects and customers as part of our Voice of the Customer Program. We do this to ensure that the decisions we make as a team are rooted in real Kayako experiences, not just our own opinions. 

As a result of your feedback, we've updated our plans to offer our customers more options and a more ideal fit.

The new plans are:

  • Inbox- A shared email, chat, and social inbox for small teams
  • Team - A simple, modern help desk for small teams
  • Growth - Customer service software for growing teams
  • Scale - Customer service software for larger teams and businesses

Additionally, our Enterprise plan is still available and starts at $90/agent, for businesses who need a white-glove treatment. 

Check out these new plans on our pricing page.

For customers who signed up before June 2017 on the Standard, Growth and Enterprise plans

The changes will have no effect on your current Kayako plan and we'll keep your plan and pricing the same.

However, if you want to change from your current plan to something else, then you'll need to choose one of the new plans.

For Kayako Classic customers

If you're a Kayako Classic customer (who signed up before July 2016) and would like to upgrade to the new Kayako, find out more about upgrading here.

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