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Updates for the weeks of 2017-01-16 and 2017-01-23

Hello again! We update Kayako almost every day. Every two weeks, we'll summarize what's new, what changed and what we fixed in the Release Notes section.

New stuff

Cases become Conversations

We’re all people here. When you reach out to support teams, you’re not a case number. You’re a person having a conversation. That’s why we’ve updated some Kayako terminology to reflect this distinction. 

Several people are typing...

Well, maybe not several. But the one that counts is. We’ve added some typing indicators to the agent reply area to give your teams and customers a stronger sense of real-time messaging in action.

Introducing: custom reports (minus the headache)

Get all the insight you need to improve your customer support process. In just a few clicks, you can now export all of your conversation information and metrics for further analysis in tools like Microsoft Excel.

Just as you would with automations and views in Kayako, you can build custom reports by selecting the conditions to filter your data, and then save your report. After that, you can refresh, download, and share the report at your leisure. Learn more about how to build your first report. 

All aboard! 

New customers can become better acquainted with their new Kayako account with four simple onboarding steps. Set up your email, link your social accounts, get started with Messenger, add your agents, and off you go. 

Fixes and improvements

  • Further speed and reliability improvements to the entire Kayako experience
  • Further improved ‘empty state’ screens with illustrations and a bit of helpful information for getting set up
  • Smoothed out process for dragging and dropping files into your conversations.
  • Cleaned up the experience of deleting conversations
  • Spruced up some alignment issues for a more streamlined look to your conversation history
  • Removed the “New Conversation” button for disabled users

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