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Can I pay by bank transfer and money wire?

We can accept payment by bank transfer for annual subscription payments (unfortunately, not monthly).

The amount sent by your bank should exactly match the amount requested by Kayako after any processing fees. Please make sure that your bank disburses the payment in US Dollars (when not specified, some banks may convert the currency when detecting payment is being sent to the United Kingdom).

Please include your invoice or order ID number in your payment reference.

Bank details:

  • Name: Bank of America N.A
  • Address: 2 King Edward Street, London, EC1A 1HQ UK

Account details:

  • Name: Kayako Limited
  • Account currency: USD
  • IBAN: GB72 BOFA 1650 5081 8200 21
  • Branch code: 6008 
  • Account number: 81820021
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