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Updates for the weeks of 2017-03-27 to 2017-04-03

Hello again! We update Kayako almost every day. Every few weeks, we'll summarize whats new, what changed and what we fixed in the Release Notes section.

New stuff

Journeys and conversations

Over the past few months, we've been working hard to understand what customer service agents and managers need to give every customer a perfect experience. We've just launched  Journeys and Conversations within Kayako. Find out more.

An easier way to start conversations

It's now easier than ever to proactively start conversations  with your customers over email and Twitter.  Find out more.

Speed through conversations with improved keyboard  shortcuts

You can now use your keyboard to navigate through conversation  views. 

  • Use your ⬆️ and ⬇️ keys to move between  conversations. 
  • Enter will open a conversation - or open a conversation in  the background with CTRL + Enter or CMD + Enter
  • Press the spacebar to select a conversation for bulk  editing. 

Fixes and improvements

  • Improvements to the reply box - some styling improvements,  abiliyt to type special characters, and improvements to the  smart send button
  • Organization names now appear in conversation views
  • Fixed an issue where agents could reply to a conversation  via channels associated with any brands
  • You can now update your customer's name from the sidebar on  a conversation

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