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Updates for the weeks of 2017-07-31 and 2017-08-07

Hello again! We update Kayako almost every day. Every few weeks, we'll summarize what's new, what's changed and what we fixed in the Release Notes section.

This week, it's a bumper roundup with tons of handy new features, improvements, and bug fixes.

New stuff

Engagement rules and identity verification

With Kayako, you can now automatically engage website visitors with personalized messages based on your customer's behavior, route replies to specific a team or agent, and measure their engagement. 

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  • User accounts created by social login or through SSO are now auto-verified 
  • Fixed an issue where case forms couldn't be linked to a brand
  • Fixed an issue that caused extra spacing when using placeholders
  • Squashed a bug that meant conversation fields could be obscured by update button
  • Ensured trigger emails  use only the notification template
  • Corrected an issue where placeholders would use an incorrect brand

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