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Updates in the week of 2016-07-25

We update Kayako almost every day. Each week, we'll summarize what's new, what changed and what we fixed in this section.

New stuff

  • You can now invite multiple team members from admin/people/team-directory 

  • We've been optimising how Insights work: they should now load faster 

Fixes and improvements

  • Kayako Messenger used to make noises every time it loads on a page. It's now silent until something happens requiring your attention.
  • If you open the filter or sorting dropdowns for a conversation timeline, your current selection will now be reflected.
  • Fixed links to failed searches in Insights.
  • Fixed an issue with searching for users in autocomplete fields.
  • Collaborators are now available when managing teams in Admin.
  • Fixed a problem where clicking links to external sites in a conversation didn't work.
  • Avatars in Kayako Messenger will now load more consistently.
  • Fixed an issue where some people could not attach files to Help Center articles.
  • Searching for help center articles from the Agent area pulls more expected results.
  • Fixed an issue where the sender data in emails sent from the Airmail client were not being parsed correctly by us.
  • Fixed an issue where some people couldn't update their team members even though they were within their plan allowance.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes we weren't getting the right identity information from Facebook.
  • Brand names will now appear in the subject line when invitation emails are sent to users registering, or staff added to your Help Center.
  • More fixes for visuals in IE11.
  • Fixed a problem where values of custom fields that contain non-Latin characters wouldn't match search queries.  
  • Visual improvements to dropdowns in admin and empty search states.
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