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Updates in the week of 2016-08-29

We update Kayako almost every day. Each week, we'll summarize what's new, what changed and what we fixed in this section.

New stuff

  • You can now add emoji to Help Center articles and comments!   
  • Collaborators may create and update draft articles in the Help Center.
  • If somebody has updated a case you're working on, the Submit button will now tell you it is waiting for their changes to come before letting you submit your own.

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed the "case.current_username" placeholder.
  • Uploading images in Help Center articles works correctly again.
  • If a customer revises their rating for a case form good to bad or nice versa, it is now reflected accurately in Insights.
  • Cleaned up some language in the builder for creating automations.
  • Custom regex fields work properly again.
  • Fixed a problem where changing the order of priorities and statuses did not work.
  • Fixed an issue where custom cascading fields thought they were mandatory to start a conversation, when they were not.
  • Triggers using "Time since created" work properly again.
  • When viewing an original email from a case timeline, the displayed timestamps are now localized to the viewer's timezone.
  • Fixed an inaccuracy with "Cases touched" in Insights.
  • Fixed email encoding that was causing some emails not to be delivered.
  • You are now able to set a language other than "English UK" to a brand.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes fields would be displayed to customers in the Help Center even if "Customers can see this field" has not been selected in the admin area.
  • Fixed an issue where custom dropdown fields were not displaying values properly.
  • Performance improvements: the app should load and respond faster.
  • Stopped blank statuses being created accidentally.
  • Fixed more IE issues.
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