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Updates in the week of 2016-08-22

We update Kayako almost every day. Each week, we'll summarize what's new, what changed and what we fixed in this section.

New stuff

  • If you have a custom domain tied to your Kayako account, when visiting the Agent area you will now be automatically redirected to {company} This removes a lot of problems when plugging in Facebook and Twitter channels.
  • It is now faster to create and edit users! While editing a user's role, we will now automatically select a default value for "case access".
  • Pasting blocks of code in a reply to customers will now format correctly.

Fixes and improvements

  • Triggers set to fire when a new case is created work properly again.
  • Fixed an issue where tags were not autocompleting when adding them to cases.
  • Autocomplete when adding CC recipients to a case reply now work again.
  • Fonts now load properly when using Firefox in Windows to view Kayako.
  • Better errors for uploading a file type that is not allowed.
  • If you disable a mailbox it will no longer appear when you're replying to a customer.
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to disable a default language from the admin area.
  • Admins can no longer update the email identities of any user that is an owner.
  • Fixed a problem where sometimes metrics were returning incorrect negative values in insights.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes changing your language settings would cause case field values to disappear.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the SLA performance for agents in insights did not load anything.
  • Setting your default timezone to IST now works correctly.
  • If you try to send replies when your Kayako license has expired, you will receive a better notification telling you what to do next.
  • Fixed an issue where some Messenger chats were not coming through to online agents.
  • Deleting a brand works again.
  • Setting an endpoint to send a FORM type payload will now send it as FORM, not JSON.
  • Improved performance so updating a case is faster.
  • If you try to delete an object like a case field in the admin area, you will be prompted to confirm before we proceed.
  • Macros with complicated menu trees now display more gracefully.
  • When creating a new domain, Kayako will wait a little longer before nagging you that a domain name is/isn't available, to give you time to type.
  • In Kayako Desktop, you will now see when someone on the other side of the chat is typing.
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