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Updates in the week of 2016-09-26

We update Kayako almost every day. Each week, we'll summarize what's new, what changed and what we fixed in this section.

New stuff

  • Performance improvements! We're continuing to push out regular performance improvements to make Kayako even snappier ?
  • We now have a data center in Europe, where all your Kayako account data will be domiciled within the EEA. Drop us a line if you'd like to talk about moving.

Fixes and improvements

  • Page titles in the agent area are now dynamic and reflect what you're currently looking at. 
  • Improved the layout of the formatting controls on the conversation reply area.
  • Switching back to a case view is now much faster, and they're kept much more up-to-date.
  • When Kayako fails to reach an endpoint, it now logs much more information about the failure, which you can access from the list of endpoints in the admin area.
  • Hovering over relative timestamps (such as 6 hours ago) in case views will reveal the exact timestamp in a tooltip.
  • Yes/No custom fields values used to default to no unless otherwise specified. Now, they default to no value.
  • Fixed a problem where Kayako would sometimes pick the default brand's email templates for outgoing emails, rather than the brand the case belongs to.
  • Bug fixes.
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